The manufacture of hummel figurines

Hummel figurines can never be cast in one piece. The livelier they are, the more pieces are needed for a figurine.

First the clay model is cut into several pieces, in order to detemine how many moulds have to be made. Later on, the individual parts are accurately fitted together in the casting department. Afterwards, only experts can tell where the seams are. For the production of the moulds, plaster casts are made of the individual parts. The pieces are embedded in clay and covered with plaster.

When the plaster has dried, one half of the mould is ready. This half has to be smoothed out and it gets "locks" (notches, which prevent the moulds from slipping out of place). Now the backside of the piece is cast in plaster. These two halves build an accuratly fitting mould.

The hollow space inside the mould corresponds exactly with the piece of clay. This very first mould is called the "mother mould". From the negative mother mould, a positive model of synthetic resin is made. This is the working model. This working model is used to produce the working moulds. The procedure to make the working moulds is the same as for the mother mould.

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